Customer price list

Each test purchased through our website includes one DNA collection kit to be used by one individual. If you have already sent your sample to our lab and would like to purchase additional tests for yourself, you do not need to send in another sample and can purchase additional tests at a discounted price.
If you would like to buy an additional test (you have already sent us your sample), buy two different tests at the same time (e.g. AnteBC and AnteCRC), buy tests for another person or buy a large quantity of tests (e.g. for a company), please contact us at In your email, we kindly ask you to specify for how many people and which tests would you like to purchase.
Genetic testsPrice for one test
AnteBC - genetic risk test for breast cancer195€
AntePC - genetic risk test for prostate cancer195€
AnteCRC - genetic risk test for colorectal cancer195€
AnteMEL - genetic risk test for melanoma195€
AnteCancerW - test for risk of common malignancies in women225€
AnteCancerM - test for risk of common malignancies in men225€
*Every subsequent test (for the same person)15€
Antegenes post-test counselingFree of charge
Additional servicesPrice
Oncologist’s consultation (per hour)99€
Antegenes pre-test counseling30€