How it works

The tests offered are health care products developed by the Antegenes Medical Laboratory.

1. Ordering a test

Select a test you would like to purchase and add it to the cart. Proceed to checkout and fill in the requested information. The test will be accompanied by an informed consent form, which contains information about the test and must be signed and returned to Antegenes. If needed, you can also get additional information before ordering the test:

Contact us from Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm by calling +372 5377 8141 or by e-mail

The purchased test will be delivered to the chosen address along with the informed consent form, instructions and DNA collection kit.

2. Collecting DNA sample at home

Cells from inside the cheek should be collected with buccal swab (Isohelix SK-1S / SK-3S), which is similar to a cotton tipped applicator stick. Detailed instructions are provided with the test. You can also watch the tutorial video below.

3. Returning DNA sample to the lab

Each collection kit comes with a prepaid shipping label and must be returned to the lab along with a signed informed consent form. If the sample is returned within 14 days, the return is free of charge. After two weeks, the customer has to pay for the return or can take the sample to the laboratory (Raatuse 77, 50603 Tartu). Detailed return instructions are included in the kit. Once we receive your sample, you will be notified by e-mail.

4. Test analysis

DNA sample is analyzed by second-generation genotyping using the Illumina Global Screening Array-24 (GSA) v3.0 chip and Illumina iSCAN sequencer. The bioinformatic workflow developed by Antegenes is used to analyze the genetic data and calculate the polygenic risk score.

5. Getting results

The result of the test is a clinical report that will be sent to you by secure link and password system. Analysis of the genetic material and preparation of the clinical report can take up to 6 weeks from the day the DNA sample is returned to Antegenes.

6. Genetic counseling

After receiving the test results, you can register for online genetic counseling. Please select a suitable time, fill in the requested data and in the “Comments” box, please write you unique code (code is sent to you with the test results and it is not the order/invoice number).

Register for genetic counseling

Watch DNA sample collection video: