Four easy steps to get results

Place an order
Log in to your MyAntegenes account and take a sample
Antegenes analyzes your data
online consultation

Place an order

There are four steps to completing an order.

1. Select a product (AnteBC, AntePC …) or product set (AnteCancerW, AnteCancerM).

2. Specify the request for a post-test medical consultation in your order. The consultation can be added to your order under products or later purchased through MyAntegenes.

3. When selecting a product, enter the email address of the person to whom the test will be ordered. The e-mail will be used to create an account in the MyAntegenes environment. Through this account, the person to whom the test was ordered can track the order progress.

4. Add the test to the cart. If you want to order several tests for different people, repeat the steps above. You can pay for the order under the shopping cart.

Log in to your MyAntegenes account and take a sample

After ordering the test, some additional steps on your part are also required, all of which can be done easily and privately through the MyAntegenes portal.

1. Identity identification using eID (Mobile-ID, smart-ID, ID-card) or Veriff.

2. Entering the personal data (gender, date of birth, personal identification code) required to complete the order.

3. Reading and confirmation of the informed consent form.

4. For testing, you must provide a saliva sample to a DNA collection kit from which DNA is isolated. Detailed instructions are included with the kit.

The sample must be returned to Antegenes. Return instructions are included with the product. Once we have received the sample, we will inform you!

Antegenes analyzes your data

Based on your genetic background, age, gender, and country of residence the risk of developing cancer will be calculated.

After the analysis, the results will be available in the MyAntegenes environment.

Antegenes services are offered as Estonian health care services. If you are an Estonian resident, then the results of your analysis are also entered into the Estonian Health Information System (CIS), where your doctor can also access it if necessary.

Optional online consultation

After the test, it is possible to obtain a genetic consultation by medical professionals. The consultation can be added to the order immediately or later through the MyAntegenes environment.

A consultation by a medical professional can be registered through MyAntegenes and will explain your results and combine them with other indicators. The duration of the consultation is about 20 minutes.