Breast Cancer Personalized Screening Program

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Breast cancer develops in 1 out of 8 women in Europe before the age of 85, and 20% of cases occur in women younger than 50. It remains the most lethal cancer in women across the world.

Current breast cancer screening guidelines are primarily based on age and do not support regular screening of women below the age 50. This largely excludes young women at high-risk for developing breast cancer. It is no longer appropriate to apply a single recommendation to women across all age groups and risk profiles and a far more precise and personalized risk estimation is needed.

The screening plan should depend on a woman’s risk for breast cancer and personal preferences. The use of genetic risk scores identifies women that are at increased risk of developing the disease. The genetic risks in breast cancer contribute 31% of the total risk and environmental factors additional 16%.

We have developed a comprehensive screening model for breast cancer that uses dynamic screening intervals based on a patient’s individual risk estimation. Our program uses both the polygenic risk score methodology and, where appropriate, recommends testing for rare high-risk monogenic mutations.

The AnteBC test can differentiate risk levels of polygenic predisposition for breast cancer and implement a personalized prevention program according to the risk level and age. The program is suitable for women aged 30 – 75.