Implementation of polygenic risk score guided breast cancer precision prevention

The project has been supported by the Norway Grants Green ICT programme. The project has been supported by the Norway Grants Green ICT programme.

Project AnteNOR

Project implementation period: 01.05.2021-30.04.2024
Grant amount: 761 360,20 €
Total budget: 1 523 025 €

Antegenes has registered and CE-certified a breast cancer genetic risk test AnteBC that is based on polygenic risk scores technology. AnteBC allows to differentiate women’s genetic predisposition to breast cancer and to make more specific recommendations for the prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

Project’s goal

The general objective of the project is to implement AnteBC test as part of a breast cancer screening routine in Norway. Current breast cancer screening is only age based but can decrease mortality by around 20% if invitations account for AnteBC results. The project activities deploy AnteBC to Norwegian healthcare: a consortium of partners assesses the test performance in the Norwegian population, conducts a clinical pilot study and assembles technical documentation to prepare for public reimbursement.


Project result

By the end of the project, the performance of the AnteBC test based on the genetic data of the Norwegian population has been analyzed, a successful clinical trial has been conducted in Norwegian clinical settings and the necessary scientific and regulatory documentation has been developed for the implementation of breast cancer precision prevention. Also, necessary trainings for healthcare professionals have been conducted.


About Us

Antegenes is an Estonian health technology company and medical laboratory with a goal to develop and implement advanced genetic tests based on polygenic risk scores technology for the prevention of major complex diseases.


Project contact

OÜ Antegenes
Dr Peeter Padrik