Price list

Antegenes Genetic testsPrice
AnteBC - genetic risk test for breast cancer195€
AntePC - genetic risk test for prostate cancer195€
AnteCRC - genetic risk test for colorectal cancer195€
AnteMEL - genetic risk test for melanoma195€
AnteCancerW - test for risk of common malignancies in women225€
AnteCancerM - test for risk of common malignancies in men225€
AnteCancerW with DNA upload60€
AnteCancerM with DNA upload60€
AnteBC with DNA upload35€
AntePC with DNA upload35€
AnteCRC with DNA upload35€
AnteMEL with DNA upload35€
Every subsequent test for the same person (can be order from€
Antegenes post-test counseling50€
Oncologist’s consultation (per hour)120€
Antegenes pre-test counseling30€